Jesper and Annika – going in for ABBA and WASA

90 kr Inkl. moms

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Jan Eric Arvastson


Hi boys᾽n girls! Me Jesper, my sister Annika at about the same age ‒ which one? Around 10-11-12! ‒ and our Mum and Dad go for summer holiday weeks in Europe the World, living out adventures.

In this book we’re guiding ourselves to nothing further away than Stockholm, Sweden. The so called Maelar Queen. But such fairy tales!

Annika is curious about the ABBAs ‒ the music, their museum and the “sound” of the band. She᾽s sucked into a wet and swinging adventure with the famous artists.

Wet will also be for Jesper. But in another more horrid way when ‒ he happens to come on board a certain famous regal ship. Named “the WASA”…